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The third Saturday in September of each year is Texian Navy Day. Texans are 
encouraged to fly their Texas flags and observe the day in remembrance of the Texian Navy and 
the courage displayed by those at sea who played a vital role in securing and maintaining the 
independence of Texas.

The Texian Navy was mostly forgotten until 1954, when the Daughters of the Republic 
of Texas designated recognition and took the idea of state recognition to Governor Alan Shivers.
In 1955, Governor Shivers proclaimed September 3 as Texian Navy Day. Governors since have 
proclaimed recognition of the Texian Navy, and in 2005, Texian Navy Day received permanent 
recognition by the Texas Legislature, to be observed each year with appropriate ceremonies and 
activities. Why is Texian Navy Day important? A bit of Texas history can explain. 

Three Texas Navies have served Texans since 1835: the first established in November 
1835; the second in 1839; and the third, a commemorative organization, in 1958. Though the 
fleets were very small and the time of service very short, the contributions made by the Texas 
Navy to the freedom and protection of Texans should not be overlooked.

The First Texas Navy was comprised of four ships: the Liberty, the Independence, the 
Brutus, and the Invincible. They protected the coastline and prevented the Mexican Army from 
landing soldiers and supplies on Texas soil. Much needed munitions were supplied by the Texan 
Navy to the Texan Army from captured Mexican vessels. Following Texas' independence on 
April 21, 1836, the navy continued until mid-1837, by which time all four ships had been lost: 
one sold, one captured, and two wrecked.

The Second Texas Navy was formally organized in March 1839 when the steamship, 
Zavala, was commissioned. Six new ships arrived to join the Zavala between June 1839 and 
April 1840: the San Jacinto, the San Antonio, the San Bernard, the Wharton, the Austin, and the 
Archer. They patrolled the Gulf of Mexico for three years, protecting the Texas coastline and 
dominating the Mexican naval fleet. The Second Texan Navy remained until it was transferred 
into the United States Navy after annexation.

The Third Texas Navy was established on April 21, 1958, by Governor Price Daniel. He 
proclaimed the reactivation of the Texas Navy as a patriotic organization and an arm of the civil 
defense of the State of Texas. Now known as the Texas Navy Association, the organization is
devoted to preserving the history of the three Texas Navies.